Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to animate

Hey guys! Some of you may know me from google, because i am kaykayanimates101! Today, i will teach you how to animate like any popular YouTuber (or at least). Just to let you know,animating is a series of just drawing frames over and over (for a heads up)
Before your animations turn out like this-
An animation/gif
You must have the right program to animate it with. Personally, when i animate, i use the software called Pencil2d as a beginner, for animating. So, before you download it, let me tell you some stuff about it, It doesn't have any viruses, It doesn't have any extra downloads that come with it (That definitely has viruses). It is easy to work with, and to learn how to animate.

Other Animating programs (Free)
Toon boom animation studio

Screen-Clipping/ All about it
This is what pencil 2D basically is

These are options of what type of software u can use
to download on your device/computer, or PC
 Type of animations you can do with it
Here is an animation (walk cycle) that i have been working on for a few hours, (This was made with pencil)-
Well, it isn't perfect, but you get the gist... This is just practice for me, but im working on the head, tail, and everything else, You can see all of my animations here. At my  DeviantArt page. All my animations, are here. Ok so now lets move on...
How to work/animate in pencil 2d/Discription

Ok, so now i will tech you how to animate (FINALLY)
step 1 of animating- sketch

Here is an animation sketch i have been working on for my you tube channel trailer.
When you are sketching animation, it dosent have to be perfect, its a sketch. It can be shaky at first, but after a while, it can turn out still.